WindowsPhone Development

The windows Phone 7 was one of Microsoft’s early smartphones. The Windows Phone 7 series goes beyond just the smart phone category and continues to make its own place with some of the best interesting features that have been included in it. Windows Phone 7 continues to be popularly used world wide.

Our Windows Mobile development team is technically competent and well versed in .Net Compact Framework, J2ME, C++ and similar technical aspect, which gives us the confidence to take up even the toughest of challenges in Windows Mobile development.

Our professional and experienced team of windows mobile app development develops simple and user friendly applications that are capable of running successfully on different devices based on windows operating system to provide superb and awesome user experience. Our mobile app development team develops applications in such a manner that they can be embedded or integrated into larger or bigger applications based on Microsoft technology.

Windows services Makk provides

  1. Business Applications with Windows Phone
  2. Cloud Applications with the Ultimate Windows Phone Development
  3. Custom Mobile Applications with Windows Phone development
  4. Mobile Commerce Applications with Windows Phone Platform

Why Makk :

  1. Skilled and experienced team of windows mobile app development
  2. Customized applications development for different industry segments.
  3. Support through different modes of communication like phone, email, chat etc. and availability as per client's requirement.
  4. Develop personalized and customized windows mobile applications as per the client's needs and requirements

If you have any interesting and innovative concept for Windows Application Development or want to hire Windows app developer then feel free to Contact us and we will put our best efforts to transform your ideas into reality by developing the outstanding Windows applications.