SmS Remote


SMS Remote, the name it self says much about the app. But then too , we would like to explain more about it. We always say , Just send message to your phone and make the SMART use of the SMART phone.

First of all , its our flagship app in the play store till now. The idea of the app just came in mind when we were travelling in car , and thought of making a call to friend and suddenly I realised that I had forgot my phone at my place.

And this was the point when we thought that there must be an app that can fetch me a number from my phone that I forgot at my place, and that's it the idea came into the mind , discussed with team and app started.

Forgot phone somewhere and need to have access to it ? Than here is the app for you to access the phone from anywhere anytime through ANY phone you have.

The high point of this app is that it's NOT cumpulsary that you need to send a message from the Android device , it can be any device with SMS capability.


Benifts[Features] are as :

  1. Get Contacts
  2. Get New Messages [Divert Messages]
  3. Get Miscall Alerts
  4. Call Divert.
  5. Send Message from your phone [forgotten phone]
  6. Change the profile of the phone.[silent,normal]
  7. Get Current location of the phone.
  8. Just send a message and your phone start's ringing