WordPress Development

WordPress is currently the largest self-hosted blogging tool on the Internet (WordPress As Blog). WordPress development comes under Open Source project, which means that there are hundreds of people that are working on it. It is continuously being developed and maintained. The best part is it is free for you to download and use.

Wordpress is free and open source content management system (CMS) written in PHP. It is the easiest and most users friendly when we talk about open source technologies based on PHP and MySQL framework. It has wide range of features such as template library, plug in or add on architecture support. Nowadays blogs are widely used for social networking, connecting with different people and marketing your business online at a global level. Wordpress also allows customization of templates, widgets; themes etc. and serve as a strong content management system.

One of the notable features of WordPress is that it can be used as a Content Management System for websites. Once your site is created you can easily edit, add, and change the content as and when required. It requires minimum programming knowledge or even HTML.The ready to use plug-ins and widgets enable your website with advance functionality to facilitate your client with WEB 2.0 experience in no time.

WordPress services Makk provides

  1. Customization of Wordpress Templates and themes
  2. Wordpress integration as per the requirements
  3. SEO friendly template, theme and entire website design
  4. Plug-in or add-on development and customization
  5. Content management development and maintenance based on Wordpress
  6. Theme development and customization
  7. Customization of web based layout, appearance and graphic properties
  8. Full customization and seamless integration of web statistics
  9. Provide Really Simple Syndication (RSS) notification to publish the updated web feeds such as news, blog entries etc.

If you have any requirement or interesting and innovative concept for WordPress Development or want to hire WordPress developer then feel free to Contact us and we will put our best efforts to transform your ideas into reality by developing the outstanding WordPress blog/site.