Java Development

JAVA was introduced by Sun Micro-systems in 1995 and created an interactive possibility of the web browser which includes a Java virtual machine. JAVA is compatible, which means that computer programs written in JAVA language run swiftly across any supported hardware or operating systems. One can write a program once, compile it and run it anywhere. Java has become the preferred choice of developers for developing secure, flexible, and scalable database-driven web applications.

Java runs on billions of computers, mobile phones, set top boxes, printers, medical devices and thousands of other types of electronic devices. Software written on Java runs on every kind of operating system and platform in existence.

But developing products and applications using Java is associated with a number of challenges, like

  1. How to engineer the application so that it stays lean, secure and productive; and does not become a performance nightmare that Java is usually associated with?
  2. Does the business case justify usage of Java, or should you explore something else?
  3. Which of the many Java frameworks and technologies should be used during project deployment?

However, there are also advantages of working with this technology:

  1. Ease of module building and uncomplicated installation process
  2. Works well for small budget projects
  3. Availability of source codes
  4. Minimal memory consumption makes it preferred over others

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