Data Security

Project/Data Confidentiality

The confidentiality of your project/data is most important for us. At Makk, we take sufficient measures to provide a secured development environment. We consider project & data confidentiality as a most important element for maintaining a long-term relationship with our clients.

We ensure the security and confidentiality of information, so to achieve that we execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with each client and all private information is not disclosed to anyone except the core team.

Our NDA clearly states:

  1. What type of information/data shuold be collected from client?.
  2. Why do we collect the information/data.
  3. How/where it will be used.
  4. What measures will be taken to ensure security?
  5. With whom it may be disclosed / shared – for legal and security issues, etc.

Data/Network Security

  1. Firewalls are installed on our servers to ensure that access is restricted to users within the development area.
  2. Users are authenticated before being given access.
  3. Regular virus scans are performed to detect and eliminate virus threats.
  4. Regular software updates and security patches, offered by the software vendors, are installed.
  5. Multiple storage media (such as drives, back-up servers, etc.) are used to back-up data. Backups are taken at regular intervals to ensure that the latest data is always available.
  6. Encrypted Data: We make sure that all sensitive data is stored in encrypted format into the database.