Mobile App Maintenance

ALongside an Upgrade Path, our team can provide a Maintenance Plan that covers common and general updates App may require. As we know the mobile platforms are evolving very rapidly, it's necessary for an App to need some adaption or modification when new OS versions are released.

As part of our Maintenance Plans, you can receive the necessary reviews, changes and republishing of your project as needed to stay compatible with the changing evolution of OS versions. Also, some apps require regular maintenance of databases, feeds, links and other content which may be only partially dynamic or externally modifiable. If designed this way, a project will benefit greatly from a planned path for continual attention. Maintenance Plans and Packages are available for all projects completed by Makk.

If you have any Application that requires Maintenance or want to hire developer to maintain your app then feel free to Contact us and we will put our best efforts to keep your app up to the mark .